Source code for contrail_api_cli.commands.kv

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from __future__ import unicode_literals

from ..command import Command, Option
from ..utils import to_json, highlight_json
from ..context import Context

[docs]class Kv(Command): """Command to interact with the key-value store. .. code-block:: bash admin@localhost:/> kv --add my-key my-value admin@localhost:/> kv --get my-key [ { "key": "my-key", "value": "my-value" } ] admin@localhost:/> kv --delete my-key admin@localhost:/> kv --get my-key Unknown User-Agent key my-key (HTTP 404) """ description = "Retrieve the key-value store as json" delete = Option("-D", type=str, metavar='key', help="Delete key entry") add = Option("-a", nargs=2, metavar=('key', 'value'), help="Add a key and a value") get = Option("-g", type=str, metavar='key', help="Get a entry from a key") list_all = Option("-l", action="store_true", default=False, help="List all entries") def __call__(self, add=None, delete=None, list_all=False, get=None): if add is not None: Context().session.add_kv_store(add[0], add[1]) return None elif delete is not None: Context().session.remove_kv_store(delete) return None elif get is not None: value = Context().session.search_kv_store(get) result = [{"key": get, "value": value}] elif list_all: result = Context().session.get_kv_store() else: return "Error: One option must be specified.\n\n" + self.parser.format_help() if self.is_piped: return to_json(result) else: return highlight_json(to_json(result))