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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from __future__ import unicode_literals
from six import text_type

from ..command import Command, Arg, Option, expand_paths
from ..resource import Collection, Resource
from ..exceptions import CommandError
from ..utils import format_table

[docs]class Ls(Command): """List resources and collections. .. code-block:: bash # list API collections admin@localhost:/> ls domain global-vrouter-config instance-ip network-policy virtual-DNS-record route-target loadbalancer-listener floating-ip floating-ip-pool physical-router [...] # list collection admin@localhost:/> ls global-system-config global-system-config/d6820999-c8fe-45ae-acb2-48aebddb3b7d # long format admin@localhost:/> ls -l virtual-network virtual-network/49d00de8-4351-446f-b6ee-d16dec3de413 default-domain:admin:net2 virtual-network/5a9fbd42-a730-42f7-9947-be8a5d808b70 default-domain:admin:net1 virtual-network/e3148147-164e-4194-8507-a58eefe072bd default-domain:default-project:default-virtual-network virtual-network/ba2170ce-741c-4361-ad88-f2d97162faf2 default-domain:default-project:ip-fabric virtual-network/e82ae164-f78a-4766-8ba2-7cb68dacaecb default-domain:default-project:__link_local__ # parametrized output format admin@localhost:/> ls -l -c instance_ip_address instance-ip instance-ip/f9d25887-2765-4ba0-bf45-54b9dbc5874a instance-ip/deb82100-00bb-4b5c-8495-4bbe34b5fab8 instance-ip/2f5c047d-0a9c-4709-bcfa-d710ac68cc22 instance-ip/04cb356a-fb1f-44fa-bb2f-d0f0dd4eedfd # filter by parent_uuid admin@localhost:/> ls -l -p d0afbb0b-dd83-4a33-a673-9cb2b244e804 virtual-network virtual-network/5a9fbd42-a730-42f7-9947-be8a5d808b70 default-domain:admin:net1 virtual-network/49d00de8-4351-446f-b6ee-d16dec3de413 default-domain:admin:net2 # filter by attribute admin@localhost:/> ls -l -f instance_ip_address= instance-ip instance-ip/f9d25887-2765-4ba0-bf45-54b9dbc5874a f9d25887-2765-4ba0-bf45-54b9dbc5874a """ description = "List resource objects" paths = Arg(nargs="*", help="Resource path(s)", metavar='path', complete='collections::path') long = Option('-l', default=False, action="store_true", help="use a long listing format") column = Option('-c', action="append", help="fields to show in long mode", default=[], dest="fields", metavar="field_name") filter = Option('-f', action="append", help="filter predicate", default=[], dest='filters', metavar='field_name=field_value') parent_uuid = Option('-P', help="filter by parent uuid", complete="resources::uuid") # fields to show in -l mode when no # column is specified default_fields = [u'fq_name'] aliases = ['ll = ls -l'] def _field_val_to_str(self, fval, fkey=None): if fkey in ('fq_name', 'to'): return ":".join(fval) elif isinstance(fval, list) or isinstance(fval, Collection): return ",".join([self._field_val_to_str(i) for i in fval]) elif isinstance(fval, dict) or isinstance(fval, Resource): return "|".join(["%s=%s" % (k, self._field_val_to_str(v, k)) for k, v in fval.items()]) return text_type(fval) def _get_field(self, resource, field): value = '_' if field == 'path': value = self.current_path(resource) elif hasattr(resource, field): value = getattr(resource, field) elif isinstance(resource, Resource): value = resource.get(field, '_') return self._field_val_to_str(value) def _get_filter(self, predicate): # parse input predicate try: name, value = predicate.split('=') except ValueError: raise CommandError('Invalid filter predicate %s. ' 'Use name=value format.' % predicate) if value == 'False': value = False elif value == 'True': value = True elif value == 'None': value = None else: try: value = int(value) except ValueError: value = text_type(value) return (name, value) def __call__(self, paths=None, long=False, fields=None, filters=None, parent_uuid=None): if not long: fields = [] elif not fields: fields = self.default_fields if filters: filters = [self._get_filter(p) for p in filters] resources = expand_paths(paths, filters=filters, parent_uuid=parent_uuid) result = [] for r in resources: if isinstance(r, Collection): r.fetch(fields=fields) result += elif isinstance(r, Resource): # need to fetch the resource to get needed fields if len(fields) > 1 or 'fq_name' not in fields: r.fetch() result.append(r) else: raise CommandError('Not a resource or collection') # retrieve asked fields for each resource fields = ['path'] + fields result = [[self._get_field(r, f) for f in fields] for r in result] return format_table(result)